Dental Tourism for Seniors

Going south of the border for a good time and some good food seems quite natural. Or you could be traveling to Mexico to learn Spanish. You might even have a second home there. Many folks do.

But now a new wave of tourists is heading to Mexico. Dental tourists. Most of them seniors.

With dental costs rising at an alarming rate in the United States, the average senior citizen is expected to spend over $9000 during their twilight years for things like implants, crowns, and root canals — not to mention cleaning and polishing.

In Mexico a dental crown costs around $250. A root canal comes in at around $300. And a complete set of dentures will set you back about $800. That’s about a third of what it costs in the good old USA.

Most Mexican dentists have trained in the United States.

So while it may not be worth your while to hop a flight to Guadalajara for a tooth ache, you might consider heading south of the border if you need major dental work and are on a fixed income.

You won’t be the first.