Excuses for GOING to the Dentist?

The number of excuses people give for putting off a visit to the dentist are innumerable:

Too busy at work

Too busy at home

Going on vacation

Recovering from vacation

Gotta wait until the Olympics is over

Gotta wait until the election is over

Gotta wait till you-know-where freezes over

And so on.

But how often have you heard people making excuses to GO to the dentist? That would sound suspicious to anybody!

Here’s a case in point:

Mohammad Hassan Hamdan, of Dearborn, Michigan, told federal agents he was flying to Lebanon to, quote, “Get my teeth fixed”. Unquote.

But he was nabbed just as he boarded a flight at Detroit Metropolitan Airport for attempting to join Hezbollah in Syria.

As far as is known, his teeth are in fine shape — the prison dentist said so.