Where are Dentists Needed Most?

While the practice of dentistry is still considered one of the most secure jobs in the medical industry, many practitioners are facing the reality of an over-saturation in their particular area.

However, a recent report says that 50 million Americans live in an area where there is a critical shortage of dental professionals.

The report lists 12 states in need of more dentists:

Ohio, which needs an additional 254 practitioners.

Missouri, which needs an additional 294 practitioners.

New York state, which needs an additional 304 practitioners.

Alabama needs another 303 dentists.

North Carolina, with a need for 304 more dentists.

Pennsylvania needs 310 more dentists.

Tennesse needs an additional 341 dentists.

Georgia, Texas, and Illinois need 400 more dentists each.

Arizona could use an additional 432.

And Florida needs 1000 more dentists.